There is No Evidence for Evolution

Evidence for common descent is the same evidence for creation (or design, if you prefer that term). Consider the following two statements:

  • Common traits and patterns appear in different genera. Therefore, they all came from a common ancestor.

  • Common traits and patterns appear in different genera. Therefore, they all came from the same creator.

Is the first claim more “scientific” than the second? Only if you assume that God doesn’t exist.

This is the trick that evolutionists use to pretend that they actually have evidence for evolution. They disallow God first, and then whatever facts they present must (they claim) support evolution because evolution is the only possibility.

In other words, evolution is the only possible explanation, so everything is evidence for it. See how that works?

Some will say that common descent is the better argument because we know of two mechanisms that can get us from one genera to the next: random mutation and natural selection. The mechanism, they argue, has been observed, while the act of special creation has not.

But this is fallacious reasoning. Although we’ve observed mutations and selection, we haven’t observed common descent. The only way the evolutionist can claim that common descent is the better explanation is to asssume there’s no Creator. And if there’s no Creator, then evolution (in the evolutionist’s view) must be the right answer. And we’ve come full circle.

The evidence doesn’t fit common descent any better than it does design. In fact, if common descent were true, then we’d have innumerable fossils of deformed, nonfunctioning, hideous organisms that suffered random mutations that natural selection just couldn’t preserve. But we see the opposite. The fossils we have show almost exclusively normal, even modern-looking organisms. Creatures thousands of years ago have changed little between then and today. That’s not something you’d expect if evolution occurred. But if you believe in the Biblical account of creation and a global flood, you would expect to see fossils of the same animals Noah took on the Ark. And that’s exactly what we see.